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Price list at the bottom of this page. First some useful information for you to consider.

Baseboards are constructed using the chosen top surface with a PSE soft wood metric 3"x1" or 2"x1" frame. All joints are PVA glued and screwed where appropriate. Optional extras include:

Undercoating the boards with grey paint to act as a base for the scenery, as grey is the ideal basecoat colour for ballast, roads etc.
Trestles - either bespoke timber or folding steel.
Braced legs with or without adjustable feet.

Castors to allow a board to be moved. Ideal on larger boards particularly when located in the home or garage. Legs with castors form part of a carrier frame. Castors can be requested as free or locking.

Engineers dowels for accurate alignment of baseboards. Required when baseboards are regularly taken apart and joined together. These are used in addition to the standard method of fixing using coach bolts which tend to enlarge their locating holes when regularly used making accurate alignment difficult. 

Flight case plastic corners on single boards to protect against sharp corners - ideal where children are walking near to or around the baseboard.

Taped edges to cover the fixing screws on the outer edges - best used along with flight case corners. This can be seen in the image to the right above showing corner protectors on a small N gauge layout.
Cable holes can be drilled in the centre of all internal cross member frames.
Where baseboards are required to fit around the perimeter of a room, access may be required to a central 'well' area for control or maintenance. A lifting or removable baseboard section may be required. Please visit Specialist Joinery for more information.
Not included in this price list is specialist joinery. We often receive enquiries for folding baseboards as shown below. Please visit Specialist Joinery for more information.


Please note all dimensions are approximate. Prices include VAT. Carriage is additional at cost. Baseboards weighing less than 25kg with a maximum packaged length of 1.5 metres can only be sent via the post. Boards exceeding any of the above Royal Mail/Parcel Force criteria are sent via courier service - Sameday Dispatch Services -

When a courier service is used, PLS supply the client with the necessary details to complete the collection form (collection address, parcel dimensions and approximate weight - this is only a guide weight) and make payment on the Sameday Dispatch secure website or by telephone on 0845 226 2994. PLS only suggest the use of Sameday Dispatch Services, the client is welcome to arrange their own collection. PLS accept no responsibility when using Sameday Dispatch Services or any courier service - please refer to their terms of trade.

Prices are for cash and cheque payments only - unfortunately we do not accept payment cards. When using Royal Mail/Parcel Force Postage, the postage and packaging charge covers the cost of all Royal Mail/Parcel Force fees at cost price including insurance plus packaging costs for materials etc. 

Price list 1: 12mm Chipboard Top Surface (Bespoke sizes available please contact us)
Nominal Size 2"x1" PSE Frame 3"x1" PSE Frame
600x300mm (2'x1') 30-00 35-00
600x600mm (2'x2') 39-00 45-00
900x300mm (3'x1') 35-00 42-00
900x600mm (3'x2') 48-00 58-00
1200x300mm (4'x1') 42-00 48-00
1200x600mm (4'x2') 50-00 60-00
1200x1200mm (4'x4') 85-00 95-00
1800x600mm (6'x2') 80-00 85-00
1800x900mm (6'x3') 85-00 95-00
1800x1200mm (6'x4') 120-00 129-00
2400x600mm (8'x2') 85-00 99-00
2400x900mm (8'x3') 120-00 135-00
2400x1200mm (8'x4') 140-00 155-00


Price list 2: 9mm Plywood (FE) or 12mm MDF Top Surface (Bespoke sizes available please contact us)

Nominal Size 2"x1" PSE Frame 3"x1" PSE Frame
600x300mm (2'x1') 33-00 39-00
600x600mm (2'x2') 39-00 43-00
900x300mm (3'x1') 43-00 49-00
900x600mm (3'x2') 55-00 63-00
1200x300mm (4'x1') 49-00 58-00
1200x600mm (4'x2') 59-00 69-00
1200x1200mm (4'x4') 99-00 120-00
1800x300mm (6'x1') 60-00 69-00
1800x600mm (6'x2') 85-00 95-00
1800x900mm (6'x3') 95-00 105-00
1800x1200mm (6'x4') 125-00 140-00
2400x300mm (8'x1') 70-00 80.00
2400x600mm (8'x2') 105-00 120-00
2400x900mm (8'x3') 140-00 150-00
2400x1200mm (8'x4') 155-00 170-00


Price list 3: 9mm Birch Ply Top Surface (Bespoke sizes available please contact us)

Nominal Size 2"x1" PSE Frame 3"x1" PSE Frame
600x300mm (2'x1') 40-00 45-00
600x600mm (2'x2') 50-00 55-00
900x300mm (3'x1') 50-00 55-00
900x600mm (3'x2') 60-00 70-00
1200x300mm (4'x1') 55-00 65-00
1200x600mm (4'x2') 70-00 80-00
1200x1200mm (4'x4') 115-00 130-00
1800x300mm (6'x1') 70-00 80-00
1800x600mm (6'x2') 95-00 105-00
1800x900mm (6'x3') 125-00 145-00
1800x1200mm (6'x4') 145-00 165-00
2400x300mm (8'x1') 80-00 90-00
2400x600mm (8'x2') 115-00 130-00
2400x900mm (8'x3') 140-00 155-00
2400x1200mm (8'x4') 180-00 195-00


Price list 3: 9mm Sundeala or 12mm Birch Ply Top Surface (Bespoke sizes available please contact us)

Nominal Size 2"x1" PSE Frame 3"x1" PSE Frame
600x300mm (2'x1') 45-00 55-00
600x600mm (2'x2') 50-00 60-00
900x300mm (3'x1') 55-00 65-00
900x600mm (3'x2') 65-00 75-00
1200x300mm (4'x1') 60-00 70-00
1200x600mm (4'x2') 75-00 85-00
1200x1200mm (4'x4') 110-00 120-00
1800x300mm (6'x1') 80-00 90-00
1800x600mm (6'x2') 105-00 110-00
1800x900mm (6'x3') 130-00 140-00
1800x1200mm (6'x4') 165-00 180-00
2400x300mm (8'x1') 85-00 95-00
2400x600mm (8'x2') 110-00 120-00
2400x900mm (8'x3') 150-00 165-00
2400x1200mm (8'x4') 199-00 210-00


Prices subject to change. E&OE.




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